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Chicken Soup for your teenage mouth holes! 
14th-Sep-2008 04:37 am
It was Rocky and my six month anniversary the other day and i just got really sad. I really really miss him and I have been really faithful. A lot of boys and customers are hitting on me lately and I just smile and decline their offers. Still it is really hard to be on one's own when people constantly tell you that your relationship will not work out because of the "Distance". God I hate how cruel people can be.

Speaking of which, and i dont know how this relates, My brother and Holly are getting married in April. They are getting married in an old movie theater, which i think is perfect for eric cause he is a freak like that. XD I hope they will be okay in life. Eric was really the only person I really looked up to when I was little, so this has really been hard for me to accept. But i am glad he found someone like Holly to be with. They really seem to make each other happy...

Ugh, I keep crying though. I think it is because of me being so tired from work and school. I literally have no days off. It is work and school work and school. I got a raise after two years. Better make my check look better or i am going to be so mad. D=<

I just wish I could see Rocky. I will be twenty in sixteen days and all I want for my birthday is just to see him...But I cant have that so i want video games...XDDDDD

So guys, if I seem grumpy lately, just leave me be. I am tired and all that jazz...also i miss him..but that is old news...@_@

15th-Sep-2008 09:30 pm (UTC)
Happy almost birthday! X3 I'll draw you anythin' you like! Cuz I'm broke an' can't get presents. ^^o
16th-Sep-2008 03:20 am (UTC)
Hahahaha...you dont have to do anything special for me!! =3 Just you wishing me happy birthday is enough Karu! <3<3<3<3
3rd-Oct-2008 11:06 pm (UTC)
So you cheated on him?
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