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If i am not back in five minutes...

...wait longer

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I am half Lebanese and Half Irish kicking teen who works at Tim Hortons. I like guys with afros like there is no tomorrow. um...i am not to good at these things. I would try and do anything to help you in life

she's a candy girl thats held together with 1 piercing, 0 tattoo's and 6 scarification.
mizz perfectionist "everything has to be perfect"
fussy with this and fussy with that.
has her loves, hates and fears

Can be shy or loud depends on the crowd. certain things don't affect her but most things makes her laugh
she finds it hard to trust.
loves her nearest and dearest and can get jealous and paranoid.
some things peeves her off and makes her STOMP STOMP STOMP in her STOMPY big boots
like it or not, this is me
adult swim, american beauty, american dad, andrew loyd webber, angel, aquabats, arcades, arm warmers, art, beetlejuice, belly dancing, black and white photography, black and white scheme, blades of glory, body mutilations and modifications, boondocks saints, boots, bowling for soup, buffy the vampire slayer, candy & toy addict, candy shops, cartoons, cats, cheese, chewing, christmas, clerks, clerks 2, clubbing, computers, crackers, cuddling, cute things, degrassi, dogs, dolls, dr. seuss, drastic eyeliner, drawing, dreads, dresdin dolls, electronic music, evan almighty, eyeshadow, fake hair, family guy, final fantasy, fishnet, foreign music, foreign people, friendly people, futurama, games, garbage, gas masks, glow in the dark, gob, god the devil &bob, gothic lolita, half lebanese, halloween, hedwig and angry inch, hello kitty, hotel rwanda, house m.d., hugs and kisses, inuyasha, invader zim, japan, japanese stuff, japanese/harajuku fashion, king of the hill, leg warmers, likes to travel, lost, lotr saga, love dress up &down, loves cute nicknames, loyal people, madagascar, making my own clothing, making people happy, meet the robinsons, mika, milk in my tea, morpg, msi, musicals, nagas, napoleon dynamite, neon colors, nightmare before christmas, office space, open minded, operas, piercings and tattoos, plastic clothing, platform boots, playing ddr, police, rammstein, raves, rechargeable poi, rent, robots, rocco's modern life, rpg, salvador dali, scissor sisters, sega genisis, shopping, silver, simpsons, singer, skeletons, slushies, snuggling, sonic the hedgehog, soundtracks, south park, sponge bob square pants, stitches, supertramp, surgery masks, syringes, tamagotchi’s, tank girl, the boondock saints, the elric saga, the girl next door, the moody blues, the oblongs, the office, the venture brothers, the who, tommy, toys, veggie tales, video games, web comics, wild hogs, yo yo’s, zombies